Courage. It Takes Courage to Step Into the Arena

We believe our clients deserve a strategy, a creative team, and creative executions that are as courageous as they are. We believe influential creative is driven by ideas. There is a war of ideas, and almost everywhere you look, you can see what happens when our ideas are not effectively fought for. We don’t talk about culture, we participate in culture as filmmakers, story tellers, and television producers.

Our Promise: We’ll produce creative as courageous as you.

Our Team

Owen Brennan

Owen Brennan

Partner, President

Bob Perkins

Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Nathan Baker

Nathan Baker

Director of Strategy, Executive Producer

Bob Kish

Strategist, Producer

Matthew Trail

Strategist, Producer

Emily Skyles

Emily Skyles

Strategist, Producer

Catherine Lorenze

Producer, Production Manager

Mitch Rouse

Senior Editor

Shi’Anna Whitman

Junior Editor

Nolan Roles

Production Coordinator

Heidi Mariona

Assistant Editor


With writers, strategists, producers, directors, and our post-production team under one roof, we have a collaborative process from beginning to end that ensures the vision of the creative is executed in our clients’ final products.


Working with our clients and their data, we connect the dots to craft the most powerful, memorable, and effective messages. For scripts that do not require filming, a first cut will be ready in 36-38 hours for :30 video. A shoot typically needs seven days for pre-production and then 72 hours before seeing a first cut. Radio spots can be produced within 12 hours of script approval.


We have three in-house editors, an in-house motion graphics artist and an in-house assistant editor, We also have an extensive network of award-winning TV and film industry professionals who assist in our work, including editors, animators, Emmy-nominated musicians and composers, and best-in-class voice talent who we’ve been working with for several years.


We routinely handle delivery of our creative to platforms like Extreme Reach and Comcast. This allows Madison McQueen to be a point of contact for any quality control issues, so they can be addressed immediately.