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It takes courage to step in the arena and fight for the ideas that will change the world. At Madison McQueen, our promise is to produce creative as courageous as you.


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What They Say

This is possibly the greatest, and without a doubt, the most entertaining campaign video in recent memory.

Anthony Farris

The most effective TV ads in the Republican presidential race.


Ted Cruz’s ad is the most polished, well-produced ad I have seen in years.

Erik Erickson

This ad is one of the all-time best in Kansas history, no joke … candidates have become much more conservative with a small ‘c’ and a little wary of the funny ad. But Johnson has gone all in. Because he’s the only one running a fun ad, it stands out.

Bob Beatty Washburn University

My fav superbowl commercial was the baby taken doritos from his big brotha awesome!! Hahahahaha.

Snoop Dogg